Everything you need to know about getting a personal color analysis in Indy

If you’ve always wondered why some colors make you feel glamorous while others make you look, well, ghoulish, you might be interested in personal color analysis.

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Beth Divine demonstrates how one color palette can make a client look healthier and more lively than another set of colors.

Photo by Beth Divine Gastineau

POV: You’re getting ready for an important event, and you’ve found an outfit you like, but something about the color is just... off. Why does that shade of blue make you look like you crawled out of a swamp?

Personal color analysis is coming to your rescue. The practice has been around for centuries but has recently taken social media by storm, with millions of videos of people sitting anxiously while an analyst holds dozens of fabric swatches up to their face and identifies what color “season,” or palette of colors, best flatters them.

We chatted with Indy-based personal stylist and image consultant Beth Divine to get the scoop on all the whats, whys, and hows of color anaylsis.

How do I prepare for a color analysis?

“Come in with a bare face! I don’t want to see any foundation, lipstick, blush, or eyeshadow, which can alter your colors. I often ask clients to also bring color photos from their childhood so I can get an even more accurate picture of their coloring. I drape them in white, cover their hair if it’s not their natural color, and wear a white jacket to create a color-free zone.”

What are you looking for in a color analysis?

“I am looking for the level of contrast in the client’s coloring; for example, how much brightness there is between the eye color and the whites of the eyes. The eyes alone have so many facets to explore. For instance, many autumn eyes have a spoke pattern in them, while winter eyes are extremely high contrast, clear in color, and bright.”

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When you finish a color analysis session, your stylist will send you home with a set of physical cards with your colors on them to make in-person clothing and makeup shopping much easier.

Photo by Beth Divine Gastineau

How will getting a color analysis benefit me?

“Color analysis results can show you the colors that flatter you so that when you buy clothes, you know what shades will look best on you. Many people buy the wrong colors over and over again and feel like something is wrong with their wardrobe, or they follow current color trends that may not be flattering for them personally.

For instance, it’s just not true that everyone can wear black. Personally, black looks terrible on me, and it emphasizes the dark circles under my eyes. But when I wear navy or even teal, I look alive and very bright. Having this knowledge is helpful when I go shopping.”

Interested in finding out which color season you are? You can visit Beth or a few other people and places around Indy that offer personal color analysis:

Looking for a lower cost or DIY approach? Sites like Colorwise.me offer a free analysis with just a single selfie, and the internet is filled with tips on how to try and discover your season on your own. Just keep in mind that a professional is able to approach your analysis with an unbiased eye — and since your palette stays the same your whole life, a professional consultation might be worth the one-time investment.

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