Coffee and sneakers and beds, oh my

A new (and surprising) business is on its way to Indy’s near south side.

Exterior of 1122 Shelby St. building

This is what the building looks like currently.

Photo by INDYtoday team

What do you get when you combine a coffee shop with a sneaker shop and tack on an Airbnb at the end?

No, this isn’t a joke. This is the innovative new idea for a vacant space in at 1122 Shelby St. in the Fountain Fletcher District.

Although variances for the space are still pending, the plan is for it to be called Elm Street Coffee and Sneakers. That’s a nod to Freddy Krueger, as the space is tackling a horror theme.

We don’t know the open date for it yet, but we’ll keep you updated when we do. “Whatever you do, don’t fall asleep” on this news.

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