The funniest business names in Indianapolis, Indiana

The Watt's Blooming shop sign.

Watt’s Blooming offers custom floral designs ranging from $50 to $125+. | Photo provided

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Let’s talk Pho Real — does Indy have some of the best business names around? We stumbled across this Reddit post recently and it gave us just another reason to love our city: the creative business names.

We’re curious — what are some local business names that tickle you? Check out some of our favorites + help us find even more.

Best pun

We’ve got to hand it to Watt’s Blooming Flower Shop, named after floral designer Amy Watt. Did you know? Amy thought up the name of her future flower shop when she was 11 years old. That’s just ranunculus.

Most deceiving

Chris’ Ice Cream wins this round — mostly because people adore their tacos. It’s not every day you can get mint chocolate chip with a side of cheese quesadillas, but Chris’s specializes in Mexican food.

Driest Humor

Or in this case, wettest humor? We love seeing the Just Add Water Boats sign of the store selling the latest boats, RVs, and campers.

Most mischievous

This one goes to Bells of Steel sports equipment store. Because…well, you know.

Best reference

Where do the Sharks and Jets store their extra furniture? A Westside Storage, of course.

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