THE LUME will debut Hoosier digital art

Charlie Borowicz, Jessica Dunn (Sesseka), Landon Caldwell, and Brian Trippi will be showcased.

Person standing in the LUME

Have you visited the “Monet & Friends Alive” exhibit yet?

Photo via Newfields

If you thought THE LUME Indianapolis couldn’t get any trippier, you’d be wrong.

Newfields just announced it will be featuring three Indiana-based digital artist groups in three-minute-long “featurettes” in its unique space, in partnership with the Indy Arts Council.

Here’s a bit about the spotlighted artists:

  • Charlie Borowicz has worked as a multidisciplinary artist in sounds, video, animation, and 3D for the past 20 years.
  • Jessica Dunn (Sesseka) has been doing animations and video for physical and digital spaces for 11 years and will be collaborating with Landon Caldwell, who will be integrating the piece’s audio portion as a multidisciplinary artist and composer.
  • Brian Trippi is from Bloomington and is constantly looking for way to incorporate tech into his process as a music producer and digital artist.

The featurettes will debut in March and April until early 2024. Get tickets.

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