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Build your own Boo Basket with fall goodies from Six&Main

We’ve pulled together the perfect list of goodies to support small businesses while making a Boo Basket for your friends and loved ones.

INDY_Six&Main Boo Basket_graphic_OCT2023

Build the ultimate Boo Basket for your friends and loved ones with items from Six&Main.

Graphic by 6AM City

Boo Baskets are the talk of the town right now, with nearly 300 million views on TikTok.

Essentially the spooky equivalent of Easter baskets, the holiday bucket is packed with Halloween and fall-themed goodies — aka the perfect gift for friends, colleagues, students, significant others, and children.

Here is everything you need to put together your own Boo Basket with items sourced from our online shop Six&Main.

Find a basket: An old-fashioned Halloween bucket will do.

Fill your basket: The contents of your Boo Basket can be tailored to whomever you’re gifting it to. Here are some of our recommendations that we’d personally love to receive:

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