Gift Guide: Our Editors’ picks for the 2023 holiday season

See what Editors Nicole and Shea are shopping this year.

A watercolor patterned present image with pink florals.

Here’s what your local news team wants to unwrap this year.

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Happy December. We thought we’d ring in the most festive month of the year appropriately — with holiday gift guides featuring our editors’ top present picks.

Scroll to shop, get inspired, and maybe even snag a locally made gift or two, courtesy of Nicole’s and Shea’s exquisite taste.

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Hello Fall Candle, $23 | “Fall scents are my favorite, any time of year.”

Mango Coconut Sugar Scrub, $21 | “I’m a big fan of mango, and although you shouldn’t eat this, the smell is just as delicious.”

INDYtoday Glasses, $39.99 | “I love INDYtoday so this is the perfect gift to show my INDYtoday pride and sip in style.”

Indianapolis Street Map Print, $25 | “I gotta have a good Zoom background, so a map of Indy is the perfect wall decor.”

Smiley Face Holiday Slippers, $24.99 | “It’s cozy season, so I’d love a new pair of festive slippers to cozy up by the fire with.”

Coffee Mug Warmer, $34.99 | “I’m a slow sipper, so my drinks always get cold before I can finish them. This cute and practical mug warmer would be the perfect addition to my work setup.”

A graphic with a floral background, a picture of Editor Shea and the words "Shea's Picks."

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Peppermint Eucalyptus Bar Soap, $9 | “Anything eucalyptus reminds me of the tea tree shampoo + conditioner my mom used when I was growing up. Instant nostalgia (and decongestant.)”

Winter Walk Candle, $23 | “Because I have two mischevious cats and two destructive dogs in my house, I have a fake Christmas tree — so I’m always burning a ton of forest-scented candles in winter to pretend otherwise.”

Butterfly Headpiece, $190 | “Name an occasion for which this headpiece is not acceptable. I’ll wait.”

Teen Witch Beret, $30 | “I bought a pair of Teen Witch earrings from this seller at a Halloween convention years ago and absolutely NEED a matching beret.”

Airtag Cat Collar, $7.99 | “One of my cats is obsessed with going outside, but he likes to wander and I don’t trust him to know his way home yet. This collar (plus an air tag) would let me give him his freedom while still enjoying peace of mind.”

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Think we’d let the fun stop there? Shop even more editors’ picks, featuring the gifts our National Content team has their eyes on this month.

Brianna: “I’ve recently ditched the purse for a fanny pack to go totally hands-free while walking around town, which is why I’m eyeing these colorful fanny packs from Burlaep. (Pair it with this cute embroidered baseball cap and you’ve got a perfect city ‘fit.)”

Dayten: “We just moved, and I still have to build my reading nook: Methodical’s Ethiopian blend (which I’ve tried, and loved) and some elegant, renter-friendly decor.”

Emily: “I love waking up with a warm cup of chai tea in the morning — especially when it’s in a cute squirrel mug.”

Jessa: “Everyone loves a big fancy candle. Plus, get some decorative matches to... match.”

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