Your memories of the bygone L.S. Ayres in Indy

From its famous window displays to the still-standing tea room, L.S. Ayres has been missed by Hoosiers.

A dining room with many tables and chairs

When was the last time you stopped by the tea room?

When we wrote about the L.S. Ayres clock and its mythical cherub last month, we asked you what your favorite L.S. Ayres memories were. And boy, did you deliver. Here’s what Hoosiers had to say about the bygone department store. Spoiler alert: there’s a lot of love for the tea room.

“Eating as a child in Ayres tea room and getting a gift from the toy chest.” — Sandy H.

“As a child, it was always special to have lunch in the Ayres Tearoom. We would have the Hobo lunch which was served wrapped in a bandana. After eating, we could visit the treasure chest and select a wrapped prize.” — Sue S.

“Visiting Santa, and riding the Polar Express. Second place, the holiday window displays.” — Rick W.

“Going to the tea room with my mother and grandmother for lunch.” — Linda Z.

“Breakfast with Santa or Easter Bunny. Paying 10 cents to use the restroom. Beautiful window displays.” — Pamoja F.

“Window decorations.” — Lillie Golay

“My mom would always take us downtown to see the windows at L.S. Ayres and ride the train to see Santa. That was the highlight of my Christmas.” — Becky B.

“I began working for L.S. Ayres out of college in 1976. I did not grow up in Indy and was impressed by the architecture and elegance of the store. The Tea Room, window displays, style shows and Holiday events bring back many wonderful memories.” — Kathie F.

Feeling left out? Good news — you can still enjoy a traditional tea service at the L.S. Ayres Tea Room, which can be found at the Indiana State Museum. Make a reservation by calling 317-232-1637 and try its famous chicken velvet soup.

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