INDYtoday’s one-year anniversary

It’s been 365 days since our first newsletter, Hoosiers.

City Editors Anna and Nicole standing in front of sunflowers and hot air balloons

The most recent photo of City Editors Anna + Nicole.

Photo by INDYtoday team

You don’t have to sing, but we do want you to celebrate with us. We’re turning one year old in less than a week (Tues., Sept. 27).

Something about aging and taking another trip around the sun makes us nostalgic. From the moment we met to today, it’s been a great journey, Naptown. Join us for a drive down memory lane (or maybe it’s just around the Circle) with some of the best stories, moments + visuals this year had to offer.

Best stories
You’ve shown your love for quite a few of our pieces, but these were the top-performing:

📸 Best spots to take photos
📍 Spots to visit south of Indy
💪 Family-owned gym coming to the south side
🎥 “So Cold The River” leads the way for Hoosier filmmaking

Anna and Nicole standing in front of clown mural

The first photo of Anna and Nicole together at Indy Scream Park.

Photo by INDYtoday team

Our personal favorites
🍸 Nicole loves sharing some of the best food + drink spots around Indy:

🎨 Anna has a penchant for sharing arts + culture updates happening across the Circle City:

Year in review
Before we start reminiscing, we would be remiss not to say thank you. Sometimes, the best part of our day is reading your emails, meeting you in the wild, and hearing how much you’re enjoying our work. Whether you’ve been here since the beginning or just subscribed today (welcome, btw), we appreciate you + look forward to many more years in your inbox.

Not only have we been popping up in your inboxes, we’ve also been popping up in person around the city. There was the time we talked to a class at IUPUI (thanks, Professor Wren) + shared our best practices in today’s media landscape. Plus, we’ve had a number of opportunities to preview new experiences (like The Fountain Room, West Fork Whiskey, BUTTER 2 + Conner Prairie). We can truly say every one of the 365 days has been an honor.

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