A new movie set in Indy — kind of

Hoosier production company Pigasus Pictures is back with new film “The Duel.”

Interior of gathering area in Asherwood Estate

Asherwood Estate looks straight out of a movie to us.

Photo via the Carrie Holle Group, Compass Real Estate

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Though the advertised star of the “The Duel” is Dylan Sprouse (of Disney’s Suite Life of Zach and Cody), the real star seems to be Indy.

The Hoosier-made film was produced at several central Indiana locations, one of which you can grab a drink at tonight.

The movie

Coming in at around 90 minutes, the plot explores the implosion of a group of 20-something friends as they entangle themselves in romance. All this leads up to a duel (yes, the type of fight that was common in the 1800s), which takes place at an estate in “Mexico.” But really, it was shot right here. Expect comical moments as well as dramatic plot points.

Interior of the Inferno Room

We don’t know how exactly the Inferno Room will tie into the plot, but we can’t wait to find out. | Photo via @lanadelweiss

The locations

Asherwood Estate, Carmel
As we mentioned above, the 107-acre estate acts as an estate in Mexico where a pivotal moment in the film kicks off. In real life, the property, valued at $30 million, was sold in 2021 to be made into a 40-lot subdivision.

Inferno Room, Fountain Square
We’re not sure what role Inferno Room will play in the plot yet, but we know it’s supposed to represent a Los Angeles bar. We certainly don’t feel like we’re in Indy when we set foot in the tiki bar.

The old Peppy Grill, Fountain Square
Now it’s World Famous HotBoys, but at the time of filming, it was still a Peppy Grill location — err, we mean a spot in San Diego. Pro tip: Craving a classic Peppy burger? You can still stop by its spot near IUPUI’s campus.

Pigasus Pictures

The film company responsible for “The Duel” and several others, Pigasus Pictures, has made a name for itself on the national stage in recent years. From winning the Special Jury Prize at the San Sebastián Film Festival for its newest movie, “Runner,” to streaming other projects on Peacock and Amazon Prime, the team is putting Indiana on the map. You might remember seeing its recent thrillerSo Cold the River” — which we gave you an inside look at last year.

The Pigasus team also shared the news that it will be filming a new feature in Gary, IN — the last we heard, they were looking for someone to donate an old car on its last legs to be the star of the movie.

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