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A few local businesses that could use a little extra love

Several small businesses around Indy have been hit by unfortunate events, so we’re sharing their stories so you can show them a little extra love right now.

Tow truck pulling a car out of the side of a business

The crash happened Wednesday afternoon while the restaurant was closed to the public.

Photo by Josh Blankenship/WTHR

There must be something in the water. From getting hit by cars to having patios wiped out, several local businesses are down bad right now. It’s great to support our local businesses all the time, but especially in times like this where they could use a little extra love and a boost.

A couple weeks ago, a car crashed into Kan-Kan Cinema in Windsor Park. The bar and restaurant had to temporarily close that day due to the damage, but thankfully no one was hurt. Film fans can continue to support them during the rebuild — everything is open for your movie-watching needs. See showings.

The bad driving didn’t stop there. On Wednesday afternoon, a car crashed into Revolucion in Fountain Square. The restaurant was closed at the time and no staff members were hurt. The business plans to rebuild and reopen. Follow along on Instagram for updates.

Sparse patio after a thief stole furniture, decor, etc.

The owners’ main priority is rebuilding their family’s fairy garden that was on the patio.

Yesterday, Soulshine in Broad Ripple got hit — but not by a car. When the team got to work in the morning, they found most of the patio stuff stolen or destroyed.

“They took our kid’s fairy garden that they have had for years, it was something so special that we created together. They cut our hanging lights, stole our pride flag, our rug, our open sign, beautiful chairs, flower pots, our youngest kid’s helmet, and more. If you know anything, let us know,” the owners wrote on social media.

Soulshine is still open for its normal hours, so stop by and grab a bite — or support the rebuild of its patio and fairy garden via Venmo (@SoulshineIndy).

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