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Where to learn a new language in Indianapolis

Whether you’re hoping to learn Spanish, Arabic, Mandarin, or ASL, here are some schools around the Circle City with a variety of class options for everyone.

Inside Indy Reads with a stack of books in the foreground.

Learning a new language doesn’t have to be expensive — Indy Reads’ ESL classes are free.

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That pesky Duolingo bird got you down? Don’t feel bad; learning a new language via mobile app isn’t for everybody.

If you’re the kind of learner who benefits from a more hands-on approach, be it in private or group settings, we’ve got a roundup of some of the places in town where you can immerse yourself in a new dialect.

Indy Language Center

  • Why stop at one new language when you can learn 12? Indy Language Center’s dialect offerings cover most of the globe, and can be taken in person or online. From group to semi-private and private lessons, there’s an option for every comfort level.

Indianapolis Spanish Place

  • Did you know that Spanish is the second most widely spoken language globally in terms of native speakers? If you want to improve your pronunciation while singing along to Bad Bunny, Indianapolis Spanish Place is the perfect option for you. Classes are 100% immersion and are available for both adults and children.

Indy Reads

  • For a crash course in learning English, there’s no better option than Indy Reads. Students attend class six hours a week in-person, online, or hybrid, and best of all — it’s completely free.
INDYtoday: INDY_IPL public library Spanish books_NOV23

IPL’s 25 branch locations offer resources for learners of all ages and native dialects to take on a new language.

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International School of Indiana

  • Becoming bilingual at an early age benefits children and sets them up for success in many ways. At the International School of Indiana, students from pre-elementary through high school can enroll in immersion and dual language programs taught by native speakers in three languages: French, Mandarin, and Spanish.

Indianapolis Public Library

  • If you prefer setting your own pace over committing to structured classes, IPL has just about every resource you could ever need to learn a new language — all free with your library card. Its support for ESL learners is extra impressive, with conversation circles taking place regularly at various branches (plus there’s a virtual option).

Are we missing any local resources that have helped you get your bilingualism on? Let us know.

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