Pastries for the people: Local pastry chef inspires with creativity

Youssef Boudarine showcases creative pastries, from a Chanel purse wild berry cake to All-Star themed chocolate and caramel fleur de sel caviar.

Pastry chef Youssef Boudarine stands behind booth of macarons with Ariel

You can expect to see J’Adore at special events like Rev this year.

Photo by J’Adore

As Youssef Boudarine continues to push the boundaries of culinary excellence, his influence on the Indianapolis dining scene is undeniable. With each dish he carefully creates, he inspires conversation — which is his ultimate goal.

Boudarine, the talented pastry chef behind the desserts at Bluebeard, hails from Berber, a small town in Morocco. He developed a passion for culinary arts while assisting his mother in the kitchen. “I mainly grew up with my mom and siblings,” Boudarine said. “I helped her a lot in the kitchen, especially when it comes to making bread because that was my favorite thing.”

After earning his hospitality degree in Casablanca, he later traveled to France to work under one of the world’s top pastry chefs, Pierre Hermé. “In France, anytime someone sees you cook or do pastries, you gain that respect. It’s a noble job,” Boudarine said. Afterward, he joined the prestigious Ladurée, contributing to numerous restaurant openings over a five year time period. With a growing interest in the US he relocated to Indianapolis, aiming to share his culinary knowledge.

Over the last eight years, Boudarine has been pivotal in developing pastry programs at Indianapolis establishments like Commission Row and Bluebeard. His eye-catching desserts have elevated his popularity, culminating in his own pop-up shop, J’Adore.

Mushroom pastry by Youssef Boudarine

Enjoy edible artwork by J’Adore at future pop-ups.

Photo by J’Adore

“I want to make everything fairly priced. I don’t do it to make money, but I go home after these pop-up’s feeling so happy because a lot of people show up and enjoy their time,” Boudarine said. “I want to do a lot of research on the products I provide and provide cultural contexts as well. J’Adore is how I make bougie, fancy food accessible to anyone.”

Returning to his initial goal, he said, “I want to create a dessert that inspires conversation, where people ask ‘What’s this? How do we eat this?’ That’s my goal, to have one plate connect five or six people.”

Starting Tuesday, March 5, Boudarine will teach middle school students at the Junior Chef Academy, with selectees competing at the World Food Championships in Indianapolis this November. Classes are free, with tryouts on Thursday, Feb. 29 at Paramount Englewood.

Boudarine hopes for a J’Adore storefront soon, but will continue pop-ups around the city until then — and you won’t want to miss them.

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